First attempt at printing on fabric

Saturday, March 21, 2009
The last couple of weeks I've been trying out various methods of printing onto fabric. We have both colour Inkjet and black and white Laser printers and as I just wanted to print out in black for my first attempt, it didn't matter which I used.

All the data says that for the Inkjet I need a setting product such as Bubble Jet set, but one of the disadvantages of living in the country is that we're not overrun with shops selling the product! Someone told me that soaking in vinegar worked the same - which it didn't and my test picture disappeared as soon as it hit the liquid! A trip to Adelaide to Spotlight was also futile as they told me they had never heard of it so obviously it wasn't available in Australia. I have since heard that Fabric Softener works fine - so I will try that out some time.

Meanwhile it was back to the Laser for now. Next question was how to stiffen the fabric so it felt and acted like paper. The spray starching method worked well with no "paper" jams, and quite a good clear result. However, I feel the print did not soak right into the fabric because of the starch finish as the print did lighten with handling. Next attempt was to use the freezer paper method and I found this worked really well with good dark print which seemed to handle quite well, though I was careful to avoid the printed area as much as possible. The freezer paper can be used a number of times so it is a good economical and quick method of stiffening the paper.

Here's a sneak peak at the Christmas project that I made which I hope will be published in a magazine later in the year.

I quite enjoyed the process of printing on fabric and can think of all sorts of possibilities for the future, so if anyone has any hints or tips I'd love to hear from you.

Bye for now.