A Batch of Cupcakes

Saturday, April 18, 2009
I succumbed to a new addition this week - Cupcakes, that is, the no calorie, pincushion type! I fiddled around with my design and have it down to a fine art now. The basic bits get sewn on the machine and then I can relax and enjoy putting on all the trimmings by hand. The trouble is they are quite addictive and I can't stop making them now!

This is my favourite so far:

but I also really like this one:

Then I got excited by this one:

and this:

till I baked up a whole plateful:

Every time I look at them, I think they are good enough to eat! Now I'll have to find someone to relieve me of them or I'll have cupcakes taking over the house!

Thursday we celebrated 43 years of marriage and went shopping so I could spend my birthay money and then had a meal out to celebrate. Pavlova and cheesecake were the dessert choices instead of cupcakes!

Have a great week.