Grandma sewing

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Grandma sewing" was the priority last week. One of our Queensland grandsons is having a Mother's Day stall at school and I have been asked to make some items they could sell. They have to be light and 'postable' and as I was looking for something that could be done in front of the Tele at night, I have gone for mostly hand-stitched items. Here is a little keyring.

And I like this little cutie:

Then I tried my hand at this little cupcake pincushion. I really didn't enjoy the process of hand-stitching this, so if I make another one it will be done on the machine.

Earlier in the week, I decided I really needed to clean up my five boxes of Anchor stranded thread. They were looking pretty messy and I had run out of some colours. Loving husband very kindly wound a whole pile onto bobbins for me.

And here's a photo of some beautiful flowers I received for my birthday last week:

Happy Easter.