The French Connection

Saturday, April 4, 2009
In between lots of comings and goings this week, I managed to finish my design for the Creative Craft Retreat in Queensland later in the year. I had fun doing all the stitching on the project and then working out how to put it all together! I was quite pleased with the result.

I can only show you a sneak peak at the moment until the Retreat organiser (daughter Janelle) is ready to advertise all the classes! The clue to what it is, is that it is of French origin and it is to do with sewing.

Meanwhile, I have been very disciplined and written up the pattern. My immovable rule (mostly) for myself is that I am not allowed to start anything new until I have written the pattern for the last design, otherwise I will just keep putting off the painful job for as long as possible!

I enjoyed the process of making the project so much that I now want to make another one in another colour range.

I'm not sure how much will get done this week with an Open Inspection on our house over Easter. The house is on the market as we want to move back to Queensland. We've had plenty of wind to blow the sand and dirt from the "beaches" that now exist where the River Murray once flowed. Then today the "spitty" rain came and set the dirt all over my clean windows so there's plenty to do to get it spic and span for the weekend.