Another one finished!

Saturday, May 30, 2009
It's really cold here on the Fleurieu Peninsula and with the start of Winter tomorrow I expect it will be even colder soon. So the knitting machine has had plenty of action this week and I finished another jumper. I seem to have a whole lot of clothes in the purple/lavender/mauve tones so this will be very versatile and will match heaps of things.

It has made me feel quite good actually to finish another one. When I first opened the wool crates, I was really surprised at how big the stash was, especially as I hadn't really looked at it for four years! So, while using up the wool wasn't really on my PASS list (Projects at a stand-still), it is great to think that I have used up nearly all that I had bought and I am sure it deserves a tick of some sort! I hope to get stuck into making my husband a pullover soon. Meanwhile I have almost finished yet another one for myself. It is multi-coloured and the plan was to use up lots of small bits and pieces and left-over wool from other projects. With all this knitting happening, I think my sewing machine is complaining that it isn't getting a look in at the moment.

I hope those who have downloaded the free "What is Love" Block of the Month pattern have enjoyed working the little stitchery. Keep an eye out for the second block next week.