In the Outback

Sunday, July 5, 2009
My husband and I have been travelling the Outback for the last couple of weeks. We travelled up from our home in South Australia through Marree, Birdsville, Boulia and on up to Mt Isa. The highlight of the trip was a flight over Lake Eyre which this year has water in it. It is a huge lake of nearly 10000 square kilometres but mostly it is just salt encrusted earth. Once every decade or so it fills with water, so we decided to take the opportunity to see it while we can.

Australia is such a land of contrasts and variety and we have seen wonderful sunsets and fabulous night skies.
One of the things that amazes me in some of the most arid regions is the amount of wildlife present in such inhospitable country. Some of the birds are brilliantly coloured. We were very excited to see this beautiful white-winged fairywren.
I brought my stitching with me of course, but amazingly I haven't taken it out yet. There has been just so much else to see and enjoy.
We just arrived back in civilisation tonight so are back in e-mail contact. I will upload the next block of the BOM in a couple of days. We have been camping out in the bush and tonight are in a caravan park so I am looking forward to being able to WASH MY HAIR!