Down Memory Lane

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
We’ve come to the end of our 10 week holiday and are heading for home! We spent last week in Brisbane. We hadn’t really been back into the city since the 1980’s. It was an amazing week catching up with lots of friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen for 30 years. It was a real trip down Memory Lane.

We caught up with a number of individuals during the week and then at the weekend attended the 50th anniversary celebrations of our old church in Brisbane. It was an interesting experience reuniting with a number of folk who were in the youth group that we ran in the 1970’s. Most of them now have grey hair and are grandparents!!!!

We also drove down the street in which we lived until 1978 and checked out what our old house looked like now. Even more nostalgic was the opportunity to stop outside my grandmother’s home and to find it was still there and that it looked the same as when I saw it more than 30 years ago when my grandmother was alive.

Now we have our nose heading for home and the creative juices are starting to flow as I think of being reunited with my sewing machine after such a long time apart!