The fairies

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
During our travels in Queensland we were able to spend a week with our daughter, Janelle, and her husband. Craig and their four children.

Amelia had put in her order for a Fairy party for her 4th birthday but her wings were looking decidedly ‘spent’ and wouldn’t be flying her off anywhere. A quick trip to Spotlight for some sparkly netting and a few hours trying to negotiate wire around the sewing machine and we soon had her looking her ‘fairy best’.

Then we realised that big 5 year old sister. Ebony, would also need a fairy outfit for the party. A search through Janelle’s stash found some lovely shiny purple fabric for a skirt and with some more manoeuvring of wire around the sewing machine, the fairy had her wings.

Don’t you think they both look so cute?