Free pattern final instructions

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
How are you all going with stitching your "What is Love?" free blocks?  As promised, here are some instructions for completing the pattern.  Of course, some of you will prefer to make a quilt or wall-hanging and a few have told me that they plan to incorporate the blocks into a wedding quilt.  I chose to make mine into this lovely table runner in shades of my favourite pinks and purples.  The finished size is 29½ x 14½.

What do you think of it?

If you would like another block to add to your design, you could use a sister block to this design - and it is also free - the "Love never fails" stitchery. You will need to reduce the design a fraction if you wish to use the border on it or maybe enlarge it a little to use it without the border.  See the blog sidebar to download that stitchery pattern.

If you wish to use the table runner pattern, I have put it on the website for you to download.  It began as a very large file because I wanted to include three or four photos to go with the instructions.  Unfortunately I have had to sacrifice photo quality in order to reduce the file to a manageable size.  However, I will include the other photos on this blog as well for you to get a better look.

Here are the appliqued hearts in the centre panel:

and the lettering:

then here are seven of the blocks joined:

Even if you don't decide to make a table runner, you might like to incorporate the four extra texts that are provided in the final instructions.  They could look great embroidered around the border if you made a wall-hanging.

I would LOVE to see what you do with the blocks, so please send me a photo so that we can all share in your creativity.

The blocks and final instructions will be available for download only for one more month so make sure you go here to collect them soon and tell your friends!

Happy stitching!