The Pantry is stocked!

Sunday, January 31, 2010
We live in a wonderful land of plenty in Australia and at this season here in the south we have the most delicious stone fruit available.  I have been preserving peaches and plums - 19 bottles.  With what I have left from last year, that will see us through the whole year.  We mainly use the fruit on our cereal for breakfast - YUM!  With my homemade yoghurt and my own muesli recipe, it is extra YUMMY!

Don't these plums look wonderful?  They taste as good as they look.

Then my DH thinks supermarket jam is just the pits and loves me to make 'real' jam with lots of body, so for years I have been regularly making jam - plum, peach, tamarillo, apricot, rosella, and whatever else might be in season. This week it was time to make a couple of batches of sweet orange marmalade.  It has to be CHUNKY!

Now that the pantry is stocked, I have had my nose down stitching.  There have been two commissionings this week from magazines - one project was already made but the other one will require a lot of work.  Then some curtains needed to be made for our daughter in Japan.  There'll be a photo after she has opened the parcel, in case she reads this blog! 

These little hats popped into a design when I wasn't looking:

They definitely weren't there when I started!

but how could I resist their charms?

You can tell I have been having fun!  Now I had better put some housework on the "to do" list for next week!

Happy stitching!