Where did that week go?

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Can't believe a week has disappeared since last I wrote!  It was one of those weeks where I don't seem to have accomplished much at all. 

We had to go to town to shop one day - a rare occurrence to go to the big city, so that was a whole day gone.  We ticked off a lot on the list and even managed to obtain some replacements for Tupperware that had split or peeled.  I LOVE Tupperware - where else in the world can you buy something in the 1960's, 70's or 80's and get it replaced free 30 or 40 years later because the corner of the lid has split?  It is the only real "lifetime" guarantee that I know!

We had some cooler weather this week, so I spent a morning tidying up one area of the garden.  The hot weather has taken its toll but the roses have survived and are rarely without their gorgeous flowers.

This Bloomfield Abundance (below) is very special to me as we had it in the garden of my childhood home and its sweet little buds and blooms always delighted me.  When we built our new home, it was one of the first plants I purchased for the garden.  It is near my washing line so gives me pleasure many times a week!

In between watching tennis and cricket in the evening, I managed to finish the embroidery for one of my new designs.  I had taken it on holidays with me so it had a good start, but I am a FINISHER so I just love to complete a project!  I have just sent off a photo of it to a magazine, so no sneak-peaks yet.

The week before last I put up a few photos on the Craft Lovers community gallery, so drop by and have a look at all the lovely work that is on display there from so many talented crafters. 

Well, having thought about a few things that I managed to get done in the week, maybe it wasn't such a non-productive week after all!

A few people have asked about patterns for the cupcakes and birdhouse pincushions.  The birdhouse has been commissioned by a magazine, so I don't like to make patterns available until after the magazine has been published.  The cupcakes ???, well the pattern is on the very long "to do" list!   

And here is a photo of a bag which I have just given to a friend.  The photo of our gorgeous pelicans was taken on the river just in front of our house and it was easily turned into applique for the front of the bag.  Don't you love the beautiful 'water' fabric?

Have a great week - and happy stitching!