Baseco Bag

Sunday, April 4, 2010
The generous Dawn at Dawn Hay Designs has designed a lovely tote in a fundraising endeavour for the poor of Baseco, Manila.  Here is my first version of this versatile bag.

I had to make a couple of changes because the fabric I wanted to use was in short lengths.  Then I had decided I was going to give this one away - but then couldn't decide who to - so instead of the initial in the top left corner, I stitched a lattice heart.

Of course I really enjoyed doing the flower stitchery:

I plan to make myself one of these lovely bags as soon as I finish the quilt I am working on.  Dawn has raised nearly $800 already from the sale of this pattern.  If you haven't purchased a pattern yet, please consider it. $4 is such a small amount for us, but it will do so much for the people of Baseco.

Purchase your pattern HERE from Dawn's blog.
Happy stitching.