More PASSES hit the dust!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
I've managed to tick off some more completed PASSES (projects at a stand still) which makes me very happy!

This was originally going to be a bag, almost became a table runner and ended up a Lingerie Sachet:

A little hanging heart:

Then there is this only-just-usable piece of punch needle embroidery.  It is my first and only attempt - and probably the last - of this technique using borrowed equipment that just would not behave properly.  It is one of Lynette Anderson's designs, and I certainly have not done it justice, but at least it's now a little sewing case, rather than just sitting half dead in the cupboard!


The postman has been and I've been very disciplined working on PASSES even though these are on the shelf. Jelly Rolls always look so lovely that I am content just to look at them at the moment so that I can tackle a few more bits and pieces that have been sitting around for far too long:

And I'll finish this post off with showing you my little birdhouse pincushions appearing in Australian Handmade magazine:

Happy stitching!