More stash-busters

Saturday, May 22, 2010
I had an e-mail from Janelle this week regarding the Queensland Creative Craft Retreat. It's still a fair way off - not until November - but it reminded me of my promise to make lots of little bags for the goodies that are so generously provided to all the participants. Here are some that I have made from the pink cupboard.

It took me half a day to cut out another 30 bags - this time mostly in blues and greens. I've started piecing them together and have turned out 30 handle tubes, so maybe I'll have some photos of completed bags ready for next posting. Meanwhile I am turning over in my mind what project I will teach at the Retreat - so many ideas crowding for attention.  Which one will I choose?????

This week I completed all the templates and instructions for another two projects and they have been posted off to a magazine.  Then another magazine has asked whether they can profile me in an upcoming issue, which is always an honour.

It's bitterly cold weather here now, so it's time for me to hibernate, curl up in front of the airconditioning and stitch! The airconditioning doesn't quite reach to my sewing room, so this week I wheeled the sewing machine cabinet out to the lovely warm family room and prepared my next wall-hanging ready for hand-stitching. Maybe there'll be some sneak peaks soon.

I was browsing through some photos and thought you might like to see a couple of things I made a couple of years ago - so long ago that I had forgotten about them, seeing I don't have the items any more.

This was the first sewing folder I designed:


and the inside:

And this was my first ever quilt design:

I was actually quite surprised that it didn't look as bad as I thought it would, looking back now!  In fact, I might do some refining of it (I can see plenty of areas for that!) and revisit it with some fresh fabric.  Mmm...... it could look good in my new Jelly Roll fabric ....

Happy stitching to you too!