Doing "frilly"

Saturday, July 10, 2010
I had a severe reaction to the cold again last week and my fingers were not much good for holding a needle and thread (and still aren't!).  So ... if I was going to do any stitching, it had to be by machine.  I wanted to make a small, practical gift for a friend and thought a pretty coat hanger cover would be something I could sew.

I looked in the craft cupboard for suitable fabric and wouldn't you know, some lovely lace happened to pop out at me, begging to be used ... and I couldn't help myself - I went all "frilly" for the week.

First there was this sweet paisley fabric that I have had for ages just waiting for the right project:

Then I wanted to try out my new Clover Yo-Yo (Suffolk Puff) maker that DD gave me for my birthday:

And that Paisley fabric would look nice with some Suffolk Puffs:

And one in yellow for my friend:

Then maybe a ruffle would look good:

And let's try a pink one while we're at it:

Does anyone else out there "do frilly"?????

If there are enough 'frilly' people out there who are interested, I might write it up as a free pattern for you.  They can be whizzed up in an hour or two.

In between being "frilly", I organised three projects with instructions, templates, samples etc. and they are now all posted off to magazines, ordered some new fabric - as if I don't have enough!, and started tidying up my stash which was in a terrible mess - more about that another day.

Meanwhile, happy stitching!