Our Big News!

Saturday, September 4, 2010
Well, this has been the most exciting holiday we have ever had ... and it has all ended very abruptly!

We have had our house on the market in our little country town for nearly 2 years hoping to move back to Queensland, our home State, where the weather is much warmer and kinder on the body, and where more than half our family resides.  It's been a L - O - N - G wait for a buyer.

We started out on our holiday, a couple of thousand kilometres from home, and spent our first night at this gorgeous campsite in Jimna State Forest:

... did some fabulous bush walking and saw beautiful birds like this butcherbird who came to visit us in our campervan:

and this brown cuckoo dove:

Next day we were briefly back in civilization passing through the next town when our mobile phones began to come into range and there was the news:  There was a buyer for our house!!!!! Suddenly our 6 week holiday plans were about to change dramatically, seeing the proposed settlement date on the house was just 6 weeks away!  We changed direction and headed for the nearest area where we could arrange to sign the contract, which also happened to be the area to which we hoped to move.  As Christians, we know that nothing happens by chance, and that our wonderful God had in a most amazing way organised all our circumstances so that we were just in the right place at the right time.

Papers were duly signed and because we were in the area we wanted to live in, we were able to look for a house, something we hadn't thought would be possible. The next day we found this gorgeous house:

made an offer, signed a contract and paid the deposit. 
So after 2 years of waiting, we sold and bought in just 3 days!
We will be living in Sandstone Point, a lovely coastal area close to the Bribie Island National Park with beautiful beaches, wonderful bushland and abundant wildlife, like these Herons we saw:

I could write page after page of all the intricate details of God's perfect timing and organisation.  We have just stood back and been amazed. We are leaving our campervan in Queensland, another wonderful blessing in that we don't have to drive the 4000 kilometre round trip.  We will fly home Wednesday and will spend the next few weeks PACKING.   It's 11 years since our last move, so there'll be plenty to get rid of, even after the decluttering we've already done.  So don't expect too much stiching to be done! 

Meanwhile, Australian Country Craft & Decorating magazine have a profile article on my designs in their latest issue.  I feel so honoured to be featured in these wonderful publications.

I have been blessed beyond imagination.

Happy stitching!