Garden Dreams

Saturday, October 2, 2010
When we built our home eleven years ago, I dreamed of having Wisteria totally covering our pergola area, looking magnificent in Spring with those gorgeous pendulous lavender blooms, followed by shivery green leaves to give shade in Summer, then losing everything in Winter to let the warm sunshine in.  And that is how it has been happening for all the time we have lived in our beautiful home in Goolwa.

This is one of the things I am going to miss when we move in just 11 days time:

Loads of lavender loveliness:

Each little part gorgeously perfect:

And to complement this magnificent show, we have a wall of Jasmine as the backdrop:

The perfume is all-pervading.  Can you smell it?  Can you hear the bees humming?

 This is one of my Garden Dreams that came true!

I called one of my favourite patterns "Garden Dreams" and it soon become my most popular pattern. It is a perpetual calendar with seven mini quilts for the days of the week, twelve for the numbers and a heart month indicator, with a fabric-covered box to store all the spare bits and pieces. I gave it a workover this year in totally different fabric and it is appearing in this month's and next month's issues of Country Threads magazine.

I still love the original version too.  If you don't have access to our wonderful Australian magazine, then you can purchase the pattern here (either version).

We held our Garage Giveaway yesterday with lots of people coming to relieve us of our 'excess baggage'.  We were able to send $230 off for the Pakistan Flood Relief, so we were quite thrilled about that.

All the packing is complete, apart from the hundred and one 'last minute things' that can't be packed yet.  I'm ticking off all the jobs on the list one by one, and plan to start tackling the cleaning this week.  With so many built-ins in our house, there are plenty of shelves to be wiped over apart from the dust behind all the furniture!

I had planned to do a little bit of hand stitching at night, but it's the same story every night at the moment - fall asleep as soon as I stop!  Hope you're doing better than that!