Not letting the grass grow under our feet!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We're all unpacked and are loving our new home!  The first and most necessary room:

 Our new lounge room:

All the pictures etc are on the walls:

The treasures arrived safe and sound:

The garden seat is in place:

I reckon we have not let the grass grow under our feet!

My husband, however, says he can actually SEE the grass growing under our feet - at about a rate of 1 inch a day!  We had forgotten how quickly everything grows in the sub tropics!  The view from our family room soon reminds us it is time to get the mower out:

I'm still waiting for shelves to be built in my craft room and I've been trying to find everything I need for the class I am teaching at the Craft Retreat next weekend.

Meanwhile, the mail has caught up with our new address:

Australian Country Craft has published my Christmas decorations - can you find them on the front cover?

Here they are on the inside:

And how brilliant is this?  Hazel has already completely finished her Gifts of Grace quilt!  Well done, Hazel, and thanks for sharing your photo.

... and stay tuned - I see that I'm up to 95 posts.  I will have to do something special to celebrate the 100th, won't I?  ... Now, if only my shelves were built, I might be able to find something for a giveaway ....

Happy stitching!