The best laid plans ...

Saturday, November 20, 2010
Well, so much for getting back to stitching this week!  Life just got in the way, so my craft room is still sitting waiting patiently to be used.  However, my husband and I were able to attend three school functions for four of our grandchildren over the last couple of days, so that was just lovely after years of being prohibited by distance.

I do have something to show you, as one of my quilts is in Handmade magazine this month.  I called this one "Fairy Floss" as that's what the fabric colours kept reminding me of.

I am very fond of the edging I have put on this one.

Sandy has very kindly sent a photo of a completed Gifts of Grace quilt that ladies from her church made as a farewell gift for one of their friends.  Isn't it sweet?

And Teresa has finished her last block.  Well done, Teresa.

Now to show you something of our delightful area. This is one of the cliff-top walks we love to use each morning: 

So we can look out over this view:

Then it's down for a walk on the beach:

and maybe a little rest on the foreshore to take in the serenity:

Don't you think we are totally spoilt and abundantly blessed?

Hope your week is filled with joy and peace.