A problem and an intruder

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I have a problem with my computer so it's at the doctors!  I'm pretty much stymied in all sorts of ways - it's like having my right arm cut off!  So this is just a little post on another computer to say "Hello".

I can tell you I made another 9 Christmas presents this last week.  The list is getting shorter!!!

I can remind you about the Giveaway - you have until Friday to enter.

I can let you know that I plan to commence another
Block of the Month free pattern
for you in January.  I hope you'll plan to include it in your 2011 "To do" list.

I can show you a photo of my Christmas envelope and gift tag that was just published in the Australian Handmade magazine.  It's ideal for a small gift, or great to put money in, and then after it's opened, the wrapping is totally reusable!

This is the back:

and the front:

Now for my story of the week:

We travelled up country over the weekend for my niece's wedding and stayed in a motel overnight.  Just after 3 am my husband heard an intruder in our room.  It sounded like someone was slowly treading on the floor trying not to make a noise - plop, silence, plop, silence, plop - all ever so close to our bed!

On go the lights - and yes, we did have an intruder!  A little green frog had somehow found its way inside and was making valiant attempts to get out again!  We helped him out, but that was the end of my sleep for the night.  Just as well I could have some little naps on the way home in the car!

I'd better go and finish unpacking!