The Fete box

Saturday, February 26, 2011
I have to hand over the gear I made for our Church fete today.  In between everything else going on in our household, I managed to get a little box of goodies ready.

A couple of bags, cupcakes, keyrings, needlecases, pincushions, hand towel ... As I've never been to a fete in this area, I have no idea what might sell here, so it will be interesting to get some feedback later.  I whizzed up this little keyring during the week:

BIG news for the week is that my husband's book has been sent off to the publisher!  Woo hoo!!!!  It is just wonderful to at last have it finished.  There will be some final proofing later, but for now, we can tackle the long "to do" list that has been mounting up over the last few months.  The front yard looks nicely manicured again ... which it hasn't for a while!

It never ceases to amaze me the creative ideas that people have in using my designs.  Elizabeth used some of my Gifts of Grace blocks in this gorgeous quilt for her sister-in-law.  It is quite striking, isn't it?:

Trish used some of my "What is Love" blocks to make a very meaningful wedding quilt for her son and his bride:

I am hoping to have a "finishing off" week.  As I've told you before, I am a finisher and I don't cope with having a dozen things half done, as I have in my sewing room at the moment.  A couple of projects are finished, but the patterns aren't written up, or the templates aren't on the computer, or I haven't made the construction samples.  Then there's a wall quilt that is almost finished, but there's the binding to sew down, the hanging sleeve to be put on and a label to be designed.  Then there's a bag half sewn and the stitcheries aren't even started.  You can get the idea!

Have a great week and ... happy stitching!