Not the sort of holiday you really want!

Sunday, May 29, 2011
We've just returned from our holiday and it was definitely "not the sort of holiday you really want"!!!

To cut a long story short, on Thursday afternoon we had an accident in our campervan, my husband's first accident in 50 years of driving (apart from being nudged behind once at a stop sign and a bit of a ding at a petrol station when he didn't turn wide enough.)  It looks as though our campervan will be written off as the external and internal damage was quite bad.

We are SO thankful to God that He sent his angels to look after us and we came out of it without a scratch on us.  A nano-second earlier and my husband could have sustained serious injury or worse.

The last few days have been spent trying to get home and to get all the gear in the van home.  Because we were out in the country, there were no hire cars available. We caught a bus to travel the 200 kms to the coast to try to hire a car there, but without success. In the end, we were able to borrow the car of a friend another 113 kms away, drive back the 200 odd km and pack up all the gear in the van, drive home 370 kms, unpack the gear, have a sleep, and drive the 340 kms back to return the borrowed car.

So here we are at a train station, waiting to catch the Tilt Train back home!  We are so blessed with so many people helping us in our time of trauma.  Friends and people we didn't know have gone out of their way to look after us and we are ever so thankful.  We're now starting to get over the shock and are looking forward to a relaxing train trip.  We will be very happy to arrive HOME!

With thankfulness to our great God