Granny Squares and Grass Slides!

Saturday, July 9, 2011
We've had a fun week with our two grandsons.  The weather was lovely so we were able to spend time at the beach, playground and grass slide, take them to a theme park and movies, and give them plenty of sticky tape and glue to make things from the recycle box of goodies.  At the end of the week, when I asked them what they liked best out of the week, they both said the grass slide. They own hundreds of dollars worth of the latest toys, gadgets, Beyblades, Pokemon, Nintendo etc., but they were happiest at the beach, sliding down the steep grassy slope on a piece of cardboard!!!

Now that's where the Granny Squares come in. I used the opportunity while they were building sand castles and water dams, and sliding down grass slopes, to sit and enjoy the fresh air with, of course, some handwork on my lap. I have been asked to teach crochet at the Creative Craft Retreat later in the year, so I needed to work out a project for the class.  Granny Squares are great for learning basic crochet techniques and there are so many ways they can be sewn together to make fun bags.

I used three colours in this one:

I love pink and purple together:

Here's a four-colour one:

A soft pastel square:

The blue, black and white are quite striking, aren't they:

Which one do you like best?????

Keep an eye out next week for the next instalment in the free BOM Consider the Lilies pattern.  My DH and I are having a little holiday for a couple of weeks, but I hope to be able to upload the pattern as usual.

Have a great week.

Happy stitching!