Holiday Happenings

Sunday, July 24, 2011
We're back home, having had a wonderful holiday with a lot of variety and plenty of opportunity to indulge in our favourite activities of bushwalking and birdspotting.  We hugged the coast of southern Queensland for most of the trip, stopping at Woodgate and Boyne Island on our way up to Yeppoon. 

We stayed six days at Causeway Lake and went out each day, exploring the lake, wetlands, beaches and bush.  We enjoyed watching Ospreys doing their fishing, and the clever way they carry their catch with their feet, facing it lengthwise for least wind resistance. This one had built its huge nest and popped out to check on the surrounds:

This cheeky little Golden Headed Cisticola came out to see who we were:

and the little Red-capped Plover totally ignored us walking on his beach:

Byfield National Park didn't disappoint us.  It has lots of different habitat and while some of the roads were only 4-wheel drive tracks, it was worth it to arrive at places like this:

We did a day cruise to Great Keppel Island on the Great Barrier Reef which included an hour looking at the coral formations in a glass-bottom boat, barbecue smorgasbord, visits to isolated beaches ... and best of all I didn't get seasick, which I usually do!

We then headed inland to Cania Gorge National Park and spent two delightful days on the walking tracks, climbing up and down the Gorge:

marvelling at the colours in the sandstone:

walking through rainforest:

and relaxing at forest pools:

And now we're home - and wonderful as the holiday was, it is always great to be home.  There's certainly no place like it, is there?

Thank you for all the lovely comments you gave on the latest pattern in the Consider the Lilies free BOM.  We didn't have internet access for some of the time we were away, so I hope you will understand that I was not able to reply personally this time, but I really did appreciate the way you took time to leave a comment.  It is always encouraging to know you like the patterns.

Now it's head down and tail up to tackle the big pile that has accumulated - washing, ironing, e-mails etc.

Have a great week