Lots of alliteration!

Saturday, July 2, 2011
Another week has flown by - where do they disappear to??? 
How come I never get as much done as I hope and plan?  Unreal expectations - one of my weaknesses!!!

I did make a batch of sweet orange marmalade:

What else made the week go so fast? We had the car serviced and went bush walking in the nearby National Park while the garage had the car for two hours.  It was lovely to be out in the warm sun. I did some work on a couple of gifts and crocheted three small bags at night in front of the TV.  Crochet is so quick compared to embroidery! 

Now for the alliteration.  The two projects I want to show you today have lots of "F"'s in the titles!

This is my Flitting Free Pincushion and Scissor Keep.  I enjoy working with felt:

Here it is in the Country Threads magazine - on the editorial page:

and in the magazine:

The other project that has just come out in print is the Feeling Fruity Apron.  Sometimes I like to challenge myself to produce designs that are outside of my normal colour range and I was very happy with the way the Red and Aqua work together in this one:

Here it is on the front cover of Patchwork & Stitching:

and inside:

This week will be spent doing quite different things. We will have two of our grandsons, aged 8 and 6, here for a week of their school holidays. We have a few fun things organised and hopefully the weather will be fine to spend time at the beach. 

Better go and get organised before they arrive!

Have a great week!