Bags of all shapes and sizes

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You might remember I did a lot of crocheting during our Australian winter. It's time now to show you some of the bags I made.  I had in mind, of course, that I had been asked to teach beginner's Crochet at the Creative Craft Retreat at the end of October. 

It's always tricky catering for different ladies - some will want to do craft for every waking moment; others will enjoy having time to relax with no children, no cooking, no cleaning and just work during the lessons. I decided I would teach Granny Squares as they are a great way to learn basic crochet techniques.  Then I set myself the challenge of making a bag with as few as possible, so that even if ladies only make three squares  in the weekend, they can still take home a finished bag.  Here is a three square bag - I worked a couple of extra rows on each square so that the bag was a reasonable size:

Then I tried a five square design:

This one is eight squares:

I rather like this ten square one:

The twelve-square bag came out an interesting shape:

Then I made a few 13 square bags.  They are a really practical tote size and the colours were fun to put together:

If you live in South East Queensland and want a fabulous weekend away, I highly recommend the Craft Retreat.  It is very reasonably priced, has great teachers (I have to say that seeing I am one!!!! - but the others are really experienced and wonderful teachers) and some fantastic crafts to learn ... or just come along and do your own thing.

I managed to get some projects finished this week.  Hurrah!!!  It seems ages since I actually finished any of my designs. There's nothing like a deadline to get some action!  Here's a little sneak peak:

And I even got round to putting a couple more patterns on my website.  The Garden Bows Cushion

can be found here for only $5.

With Sugar and Cream Table Topper is available here. 

Hope you have a great week.