Free pattern Thoughts in Thread - Block 2

Saturday, February 11, 2012
We're halfway through February already, so it's time to give you Block 2 of the free BOM "Thoughts in Thread".  It's been lovely hearing that lots of readers want to follow this programme each month. You've all seen my lovely logo button (and thank you to those who have put it on their blog) - I was so pleased with my little dove in block 2 that it was given pride of place as the logo for my quilt.

 As soon as I started thinking about how to convey purity, immediately the white dove came to mind. How wonderful that in the midst of a world where there is so much evil, we can fill our minds with pure thoughts.  I hope my little white dove will be a reminder to you as you stitch this new block.  Here is the complete block:

I'll include here a close-up of the dove. For my first couple of years as a designer, I was very careful to stick to the status quo and stitch "according to the book". After I had had 20 or 30 designs published, I decided I would break free and stitch in whatever way the design was calling out to be stitched, even if it wasn't the way things were normally done. I went off on a tangent in quite a few areas and the dove is an example of that. I have blanket-stitched around with matching cream thread. I could have used red but I didn't want lots of colour encroaching on the edges of the fabric.  However, I DID want to highlight the outline of the bird, so over the top of the blanket stitch I have backstitched just the edge part of the stitch in red. I just love the effect that this creates.

As usual, you can download the new block on my website.  Scroll down past all my wall-hangings till you come to Block 2. I'd love to see photos of your completed blocks. I have set up a Thoughts in Thread Flicker group where you can upload them. Click on this link:

Quite some time ago, I bought a metre of lovely blue floral fabric when it was on special.  It's been sitting in the cupboard and I really had no idea how I could use it, till one day the inspiration hit!  I combined it with the most unlikely fabric - a burgundy and white check and a bit of burgundy solid and my "Cook with Love" oven mitt and trivet was born. Here it is in a recent edition of "Handmade":

The binding cut on the bias really lifts the design I think:

Last  week we looked after four of our grandchildren while their parents were on an overseas business trip.  The children have all been working on and off on one of my blocks from the Gifts of Grace quilt. The oldest, our grandson who is 11, decided his goal for the week was to finish it while I was there - and he did!

I am very proud of him.  He has done really good stitching - neat backstitch, great lazy daisies ... and have a look at his French Knots.  I had more success teaching him to do them than I have had teaching ladies at craft workshops! In future when I am teaching them, I will break it down into small steps as I did for him as it worked so well.  The knots on the butterfly are inside little backstitched circles:

Thank you for all the sweet comments that you have made on my last post.  The giveaway is open for another week, so if you haven't entered, you can do so by commenting at this link:

Have a great week.