Lots of smiles

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway.  I had a busy couple of weeks reading all your lovely comments - you blessed my socks off and made me smile!  Trusty Random.org chose our winner who is Katie Q so the parcel of goodies will soon be on its way to New York.

I've had a fun week looking through 50 years of photos!!!  I am going to a Bible College 50 year reunion soon and we've been asked to put together an album of what we've done since we lived and studied together so long ago.  It's a lifetime of course - everyone who is attending is now retirement age.  I've been digging out photos of our wedding, our babies, children's weddings, grandchildren and the work in which we have been involved. As I'm not good at scrapbooking, I decided to make a digital photobook online.  The company I use have a 30% discount open till tomorrow, so that was an incentive to get it done. The scanner worked overtime and then there was the fun part of choosing backgrounds and layouts and putting the photos in ... and there were lots of smiles with so many happy memories. Now I am trying to wait patiently till the postman brings my lovely book.

Here are some more things that made me smile.  I was looking through photos of some of my designs that were published late last year. You might remember these. The fabric in this quilt is just amazing:

I thought it was about time I put this pattern up on the website, which might be helpful for those of my readers who want to purchase it and are unable to find our fabulous Australian magazines.  These designs are on the website now as well:

I really got carried away with my dove from the Thoughts in Thread Quilt and have made a quilt top with some of these doves appliqued on. It's looking quite sweet and now I just need to get it quilted. Then my design for Fresh Hope charity is also finished.  I always smile when I get projects finished.  I just wish I wouldn't have so many happening at the same time!
While I was binding my charity design, I took the opportunity to take lots of photos and did up a tutorial on how to bind a quilt, as well as one for binding odd angles, other than 90 degrees.  I know there are hundreds of these tutes out there in blogland, but now there's another one here!  You never know, you might just learn something different! Go to my Tutorial page for the links.

Something else that makes me smile - coming up with a design for children:

This is my Peek-a-Boo Puzzle quilt. My lovely daughter gave me a box of bright fat quarters which were ideal for making this design.  Each of the stars are on a flap which lifts up to reveal a removable mini quilt underneath:

I can think of all sorts of games that could be played with toddlers - lifting the flap, guessing what is underneath, hiding the kite or the bear, finding the train, or the boat ....

It was published in Patchwork & Stitching Vol 12, No 11.

One last reminder - the online workshop at Patchwork Posse will be commencing in a couple of weeks.

Go here for details.

I hope you too have a week with lots of smiles!
Happy stitching