Churning them out

Saturday, March 3, 2012
The last couple of weeks have been fairly free of interruptions, so I've been churning out plenty of designs.  Most of them have been floating around in my head for ages.  There were so many ideas in there, that I wrote a list so I could get some sort of order in which to tackle them. Housework hasn't been high on the list, but I did preserve another lot of peaches, cleaned the oven and made a batch of sweet orange marmalade in between the projects.

My husband was quite shocked to find me sitting in the recliner in the family room in the afternoon happily stitching. I normally reserve that luxury for the evening in front of the tele and do the planning, cutting and machining during the day. My excuse is that now that autumn is here, the sun comes into my sewing room in the afternoon and the weather has been too hot for comfort ... and, truth is, some of the designs were turning out so sweetly, that I just couldn't keep away from them!

The first one to get out onto fabric was a little country-style stitchery which was quickly snaffled up by an editor who had an opening for just such a design.

Can you imagine how much fun I had with this one?

Another magazine was looking for a vintage-style stitchery. I couldn't get out of my head the thoughts of roses, swirls and vintage lace:

I like to think that I have fairly good 'resistability'.  I can walk into a fabric shop, go Oooh and Aaah down all the aisles and not buy a thing ... well, maybe only a little bit.  However, if there's some Japanese fabric there, I'm a goner!  There's something about the opulence, the gold, the richness of the colours, the oriental design, that I find totally irresistable. I've had some gorgeous fabric sitting in the cupboard screaming out "Make me", but I didn't have the fabric I needed to accompany it.  On our recent babysitting trip to another city, I finally found the fabric I needed. I had JUST enough fabric to make the bed runner and cushion I had planned:

Only the Japanese can design fabric like that!

Now, the only problem is, that I broke my rule - twice.  I started another design before I had written up the pattern for the previous one!  Two patterns to write up - not something to look forward to with excitement!

As I explained earlier, it is Autumn in Australia - not that we get a proper autumn here in the subtropics.  There are no leaves turning gold, no drop in temperature, and thankfully for me, none of the dread that I used to face when we lived in a much cooler climate, that winter was on its way. You can see that I am totally a summer person.  In spite of that, it is nice to pretend, so a few months ago I made a little wall-hanging about Autumn. 

It is in Vol 12, No 12 issue of Patchwork & Stitching magazine:

And as if there weren't enough photos in this post already, these are to show you why I love wrens so much.  These two species are the ones found in our local area:

Red-backed Fairywren

Variegated Fairy-wren.

Gorgeous, aren't they?

And don't forget my Lilac Love Workshop starting on Tuesday over at

Now I had better go and write up those patterns AND prepare the next block in the Thoughts in Thread quilt so it is ready for you next week.

Happy stitching!