Falls and Feathers

Sunday, April 22, 2012
No, I didn't fall over!  We have been away on a little break staying in a delightful cabin at Queen Mary Falls in Killarney in South East Queensland.

We spent four days with eight other members of our local Birdwatchers Club, exploring the area and seeing what birds we could find. All the waterfalls had LOTS of water and were just so pretty.  We didn't have far to go to find some gorgeous birds.  These were outside our front door:

King Parrot

Crimson Rosella

The scenery was superb:

We celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary while we were away - 46 years spent with the love of my life.  I have been so blessed.

High on the priority list when we arrived home was to tackle the garden.  We've had so much rain and the grass is really green and looks lovely when its mown - hubby's job. I spent Saturday afternoon tidying up some of the garden beds and once again tangled with the 'wild' life - not wasps this time,  but ants - I'm not sure what type they are but they have an intensely painful sting. I ended up with 13 attacks! The worst part is the after-effects.  I always seem to have a reaction to insect bites, so I now have huge, insanely itchy lumps on swollen legs! It all reinforces what a good move it was, when I retired seven years ago, to put stitching higher on the list of leisure activities than gardening!

There hasn't been much time for stitching indulgence since we arrived back home.  Washing, ironing, shopping and having visitors have filled the last couple of days, but a couple of nights in front of the Telly have given me time to work on this:

I think I'm really liking this new design.

Happy stitching!