Keeping the Postal services afloat

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Since we've been using e-mail for communication for the last 16 or 17 years, we haven't done much to keep Australia Post afloat. Where it used to be us excitedly checking the letterbox in the front yard to see if our friends had sent us a letter, it soon became the priority of the day to turn the computer on as soon as we were out of bed in the morning.  Someone across the seas may have sent us an e-mail overnight!  I have to admit that if I now have to type up a letter, print it out, find an envelope, address it, find a stamp and then physically carry it to the post box, it's a job that will be put right to the bottom of the list and may stay there for quite a few days.

However, in the last few years since I took up patchwork and quilting, I have started doing my bit to keep the Postal services afloat. This week I posted off four new projects to magazines.

A wall-hanging:

A table runner:

Another wall-hanging:

 And a quilt:

Then there are the things that I buy online - they have to be transported from a to b, so the postal service is getting supported again. It makes me feel good that I am doing my bit!!!!  

On Friday I took the plunge and finally did something that I have been putting off for about two years - bought a new computer - online.  My husband has been all this time trying to get me to do something about my old slow computer, which he describes as "coming out of the Ark".  It's not that I'm particularly attached to the computer, but I am fond of the operating system and some of my very old programmes, particularly the one that I use for designing my pattern templates. I doubt that they will work with the new system and I just didn't want to face the thought of spending a couple of weeks of frustration getting everything installed,  transferred, networked and operating how I want it, plus having to learn new programmes! In the end I decided that crawling under the desk to plug in my backup disc in the back of the computer because the front ports don't work any more, definitely signalled the time to act. So the deed is done and I have put a line through the diary for the next couple of weeks, apart from a spot of grand-children minding next weekend!

Thankfully, there's usually not much frustration when it comes to making lovely projects! This is one that I designed for the Charity, Fresh Hope.  It is now available for purchase and all the proceeds go to this very worthy charity. Meet the Fan-faire Table Runner:  

I really enjoyed doing the fan appliques and stitching on this design. I hope you like it too. You can read about Fresh Hope Charity here and their range of patterns can be viewed here

Now while my faithful old computer is still working and before the onslaught next week, I have made available on my website two of my patterns that were recently published which I showed you a few weeks back:

Peek-a-boo Puzzle is available for purchase here

 and the Stitch n Sew Machine Cover here.

I hope you have a great week.  Happy stitching!