Showers of Blessing

Sunday, May 20, 2012
No, it's not raining here at the moment and yes, I feel I have been showered with so many blessings - a wonderful husband and family, living in a little bit of paradise, and time to indulge my stitching passions - to name a few.

However, "Showers of Blessing" is the name of my latest design to be released. It's in the wonderful Country Threads magazine, Vol 12 Issue 12.

As a child, I always loved umbrellas and dreamed of the day when I would own my own pretty one and not have to wear a dull not-very-flattering raincoat.  My mother, on the other hand, thought they were such a nuisance, a hindrance and quite possibly a dangerous weapon!  Her feelings didn't pass down to me and so this mini quilt indulges my passion for the umbrella!

Of course, the title does have a double meaning and the wording on the blocks remind me of all the wonderful blessings we have received.

It's a bit hard to pick which block is my favourite but I do love the umbrella on this one:

It will be easy to find the issue of Country Threads as my project is on the front cover!!!

And I've had some extra special blessings this week.  My new computer arrived!  I was dreading setting up e-mails, internet, networks, and learning a new operating system.  However, it has been relatively painless, is all operating beautifully, and it's happily talking to its fellow computers in our home and to the web. Even my super old programme that I use for designing my templates worked first time without a hitch!  Just love the new technology!

It's also been a week for catching up with some friends from way back.  Some came to visit, another phoned, and another sent an e-mail - all lovely people who have been a blessing to us in the past.  It is so wonderful to have great friends!

I hope you too can count some of your blessings this week.

Happy stitching!