A place for everything ... and everything in its place!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I have a tidy house!  Can't help myself - There's a place for everything and I like everything in its place. However, I do have to confess that sometimes my sewing room doesn't quite make it!  Oh yes, there IS a place for each little item.

My embroidery threads are all in correct order in these containers. For years now, I have had a complete set of Anchor Stranded threads - yep, every colour. As soon as a colour is about to run out, I purchase another.

I even have spares of the colours I use lots of, ready in the drawer.  There's nothing worse than running out in the middle of a project and when you live a long way from the shops and might have to wait a month before you can get there, it pays to be organised!

My fabrics are in clear crates so that I can see at a glance what I might be looking for. 

Scraps are in their own little box.  I used to fold them all neatly too, but gave up on that idea as I was always rummaging through looking for just the right fabric for an applique or two.  So now they all just get pushed in and I up-end the box onto a table to do a search!

Charms and embellishments have their own containers too.

So, YES, there is a place for everything. But the last thing I feel like doing when I have finished a project and there is a pile of embroidery bobbins, scraps of ten different coloured fabrics, a pattern in a plastic sleeve, a packet of beads and charms and a reel or two of sewing thread, IS TO PUT THEM AWAY IN THEIR PROPER PLACE! The call of a new project is just too strong!  My solution is this little basket:

It is SMALL - on purpose.  I find it is just big enough to hold the bits and pieces until I decide to put everything away, but it is small enough that it won't hold much, so I can't accumulate.  In reality, the putting-away job that I put off doing, usually only takes a couple of minutes, but there's something about human nature that procrastinates, isn't there!

I can't blame procrastination for not getting much done this week. I had to go out on four days, then a couple of days were spent writing up patterns, so the week seemed to fly by.  I did find time to cut some strips to make this braid:

It's going to be a table runner.  Now I have 84 applique pieces to make! We're going on holidays in a couple of weeks so I'm thinking needleturning all these pieces will be a good project to take along with me when I feel like a change from my crochet ripple blanket.

My TV time was spent finishing this applique design - couldn't bear to watch TV without some stitching in my hand. I love being curled up under a quilt on my recliner, making pretty things! It's the highlight of my day!

With another bleak and cold day upon us, being curled up under a quilt sounds like a great option!

Have a great week.