Maisie's Market Garden

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I reckon I have had a vegie garden just about all my married life. That's a lot of tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, lettuce and silver beet in 46 years! Of course over the years I've tried my hand at growing lots of other vegies besides these. Then I always like to have different herbs ready for gathering at the back door. There's nothing like being able to pick your own fresh home-grown vegetables!

With that in mind, a new little design popped into existence a few months ago and it is now published in the latest Country Threads magazine, Vol 13, No 1. Here is Maisie's Market Garden:

and on the front cover:

Maisie is growing pumpkins, egg plant, carrots, turnips and peas, all neatly laid out in front of her sweet little cottage! (That's a wonderful Queensland Blue pumpkin on the left!)

When we lived in cool climate country, we had a small backyard full of wonderful stone fruit. I planted an apple tree a couple of years before we moved but we never did get to enjoy its produce. Maisie has done well with her apples:

I also tried growing a couple of grape vines, but obviously I should have left that to the experts like Maisie:

Now that we live in the subtropics, we can't grow fruit like stone fruit and pears, but I still like to preserve the fruit when it is in season.  Last week, pears were only 99c a kilo, so 10 kilos later and a few hours work and we now have a couple of months supply of diced pears to top our breakfast cereal.

On the sewing front, my wall-hanging is all quilted, bound, hanging sleeve attached ... and I have even written up the pattern! My stitching accessory set is coming together with a few hiccups along the way. Being a perfectionist is a pain sometimes!

Meanwhile, I have been getting organised for the Creative Craft Retreat where I will be teaching in November. The project is complete and I've started on the pattern writing.  Next job on the list for this week is to prepare the next pattern in the free Block of the Month "Thoughts in Thread"quilt.  Watch out for it next week!

Happy stitching