A small Milestone

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I reached a small milestone this week, I had my one hundredth design commissioned for publication.  I won't actually have 100 projects published until some time next year, but I'm quite excited to have reached the one hundredth commission.  A milestone, no matter how big or small,  is definitely something to be celebrated, so of course I'm planning a Giveaway. I have something pretty and practical in mind to make this week as a prize, so look out for my next blog post when I hope to be able to show you what is 'up for grabs'. The giveaway will be for my followers so if you regularly read my blog, it would be great to have you as an 'official' follower. (It would also help me to get to another milestone - 600 followers!)

I resisted the lure of patchwork and quilting for quite a while because I knew I would never be happy painstakingly machining little bits of fabric together! I am first and foremost a hand worker! It was only when I saw how embroidery could be combined with the craft that I became interested ... and ultimately addicted! Since then, most of my 100 designs have included stitcheries of some sort:

Then I fell in love with applique, particularly fusible web applique, so heaps of my designs feature both applique and embroidery.

However, sometimes the call of embroidery is just too strong and I have to drop everything and do some serious stitching with beautiful silk ribbons, fancy cotton, silk and rayon threads, elegant guipure and plenty of pretty beads. 

That's how "Fan-ciful" was born and featured in Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazine Vol 19 No 12. You can see I didn't drop my love of applique but instead worked out a way to showcase it!

These burgundy and pink spider-web roses are super-easy to make.  Of course I couldn't do embroidery without including my beloved grub roses.  (... a reminder that I have a free tutorial on how to make these, the link for which you can find here on this page.)

The lovely editor phoned me to see if I had any more embroidery projects I could give her!  I didn't need a second asking!  I like to do hand stitching at night and drawing, cutting and machining during the day.  Serious embroidery takes a L-O-N-G time to complete so I've had plenty to keep me occupied in front of the TV lately!

Happy stitching!