Springtime babies

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We were away last week out western Queensland with our Birdwatchers' Club.  We had a fabulous time and because it is about 6 hours drive from where we live, we saw lots of birds that we don't normally see on the Coast.  It's Spring, dry and a bit windy, so the hayfever is out of control, but it was worth it to see lots of birds building nests, sitting on eggs, feeding babies or keeping a watchful eye on their young.

A baby Lapwing:

Mum and Dad Wood Duck with two fluffy ducklings:

One brood we saw had TEN babies!

A Peewee (Magpie Lark) feeding her babies:

Just minutes after I took the photo, the larger baby took it's first teetering wing flutters outside the nest. It soon gained confidence and in no time was a couple of metres away from its baby sister.  It was something really special to watch.

Here's a couple more lovely birds we saw.  Lots of cockatiel:

A Great Egret:

All I've had time for on the sewing front is to finish ticketing all the goods I have for the Creative Craft Retreat stall. Here's a couple more bits and pieces that I will put on the stall:

A needlecase:

Another mini-cushion: 

Here's a sneak peak of a design that I'll be sending off to a magazine this week:

It's just two weeks to go before the 
7 weeks of Christmas Giving 
starts.  Spread the word!