"Baking" more cupcakes

Saturday, April 25, 2009
I had a rather lazy week and couldn't help making another batch of cupcakes. I've probably got them out of my system now and really need to turn my mind and hands to other projects!

The weather has turned really cold and husband is complaining that none of his long sleeved shirts fit him since he lost 9 kgs (the result of our walking 3-4 kms each morning). Most of the shirts are too good to just throw out so I have been painstakingly unpicking them and remaking them to fit him. It's not the most inspiring of tasks!

Along with the cold weather has come beautiful RAIN. It was desperately needed and most welcome. We had an inch of rain over three days which is fabulous for us living in a rain shadow in the driest state on the driest continent.

Tomorrow it's off to post the latest project to Country Threads. This one will be published in the Spring issue. I really enjoyed doing some redwork which is not something I usually use in my projects.

I managed to get another PASS (Project at a stand still) finished this week. It is a series of LOVE sayings with lots of my favourite embroidery. I was quite pleased how it turned out, so much so that I am planning to offer it as a free Block of the Month (BOM) pattern, so keep watching this space!

Happy stitching.


A Batch of Cupcakes

Saturday, April 18, 2009
I succumbed to a new addition this week - Cupcakes, that is, the no calorie, pincushion type! I fiddled around with my design and have it down to a fine art now. The basic bits get sewn on the machine and then I can relax and enjoy putting on all the trimmings by hand. The trouble is they are quite addictive and I can't stop making them now!

This is my favourite so far:

but I also really like this one:

Then I got excited by this one:

and this:

till I baked up a whole plateful:

Every time I look at them, I think they are good enough to eat! Now I'll have to find someone to relieve me of them or I'll have cupcakes taking over the house!

Thursday we celebrated 43 years of marriage and went shopping so I could spend my birthay money and then had a meal out to celebrate. Pavlova and cheesecake were the dessert choices instead of cupcakes!

Have a great week.

Grandma sewing

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Grandma sewing" was the priority last week. One of our Queensland grandsons is having a Mother's Day stall at school and I have been asked to make some items they could sell. They have to be light and 'postable' and as I was looking for something that could be done in front of the Tele at night, I have gone for mostly hand-stitched items. Here is a little keyring.

And I like this little cutie:

Then I tried my hand at this little cupcake pincushion. I really didn't enjoy the process of hand-stitching this, so if I make another one it will be done on the machine.

Earlier in the week, I decided I really needed to clean up my five boxes of Anchor stranded thread. They were looking pretty messy and I had run out of some colours. Loving husband very kindly wound a whole pile onto bobbins for me.

And here's a photo of some beautiful flowers I received for my birthday last week:

Happy Easter.

The French Connection

Saturday, April 4, 2009
In between lots of comings and goings this week, I managed to finish my design for the Creative Craft Retreat in Queensland later in the year. I had fun doing all the stitching on the project and then working out how to put it all together! I was quite pleased with the result.

I can only show you a sneak peak at the moment until the Retreat organiser (daughter Janelle) is ready to advertise all the classes! The clue to what it is, is that it is of French origin and it is to do with sewing.

Meanwhile, I have been very disciplined and written up the pattern. My immovable rule (mostly) for myself is that I am not allowed to start anything new until I have written the pattern for the last design, otherwise I will just keep putting off the painful job for as long as possible!

I enjoyed the process of making the project so much that I now want to make another one in another colour range.

I'm not sure how much will get done this week with an Open Inspection on our house over Easter. The house is on the market as we want to move back to Queensland. We've had plenty of wind to blow the sand and dirt from the "beaches" that now exist where the River Murray once flowed. Then today the "spitty" rain came and set the dirt all over my clean windows so there's plenty to do to get it spic and span for the weekend.