One of the world’s top 25!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

No, not a pop song at the top of the charts!
We are on one of the world’s top 25 Railway Journeys! 

We are at the moment travelling home from a fabulous three-week holiday in tropical north Queensland.  We’re doing something we’ve never done before - sitting in comfort in a spacious cabin on the Sunlander train. It’s a wonderful way of travelling 3200 kms.  We are just loving the relaxing journey, looking at beautiful scenery and stunning sunsets, enjoying fine dining and being treated like royalty.  The maitre d’ just came and asked us what time we would like our bed prepared! Our car accompanied us on the train so we have been able to travel around freely visiting all sorts of wonderful world heritage areas, rainforests, national parks and conservation areas.

We've seen some absolutely stunning birds:



The closest I made it to stitching during our holiday was to read the craft magazines I brought with me!  Four of the magazines featured my designs so I will show you them later when I’m back home. As you know, I just love designing and stitching, but it’s been quite relaxing to be doing something different.  I haven’t even dreamt up one new design the whole holiday! Of course, I couldn’t be happy without doing something with my hands, so there’s been quite a bit of progress on my crochet rippleblanket.  It’s been an ideal project for the train journey, that is when I’m not staring out the window, admiring the brilliant sunset, the rippling streams we cross, the lakes we skim by, or talking with my family by e-mail!

Have a great week!


Free Pattern Thoughts in Thread - Block 7

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a quick hello today while I have some internet access.  The new block in the free pattern Thoughts in Thread is now available.  Beautiful thoughts, rather than ugly, is the focus this month.

I've always been fascinated by topiary, but I've never had a try at it.  This is as close as I'll get I think:

I hope you like this block.  It and all the other blocks in the programme are available for free download from this page on my website.  

Happy stitching ... and I hope to be back talking to you in a couple of weeks.


A new magazine

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm excited that one of my designs is coming out in a magazine where I haven't had anything published before - Australian Patchwork and Quilting, Vol 21, No 8.  The project uses some gorgeous Japanese fabric featuring beautiful fans.  I just love the opulence and richness of oriental fabric ... and fans, well, I have quite a collection. So to find a combination of two of my loves in one material, meant that I just could NOT leave this fabric in the shop! I knew I wanted to use black to showcase the design, but it took me for ever to find just the right tone-on-tone fabric, but find it I did and a cushion and bed runner soon came together.

I used the Broderie Perse method for the fans.  They were just too amazing not to use them to the full:

Flying Geese embellish the edges:

I called this "Elegancia" as I had the word 'elegant' in mind when I was designing this and I was very happy with the way it turned out.  Here it is in the magazine:

We had two of our grandsons with us this last week for the school holidays, so there was only a small amount of stitching done.  As it was a "between projects" week, I wanted to do something that would whip up quickly so I decorated some hand towels.  I was in a lace and frills mood, so .... :

They will make pretty "thank you" gifts to have on hand.

We will be out of internet range for some time over the next couple of weeks, but I hope to upload the next block in the free Block of the Month "Thoughts in Thread" quilt in time on the third week of the month as usual. Don't forget to share your photos on Flicker of any blocks you have made.  We'd all love to see them.

Meanwhile, happy stitching.